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Handmade ceramics & sculpture

Handmade Ceramics


The ceramic medium allows for endless variation of form, color, texture, and scale. Embracing the wabi-sabi tradition FBP Works utilizes these elements to create dramatic and compelling compositions by hand, making each piece distinctly unique.



Exploration & Creation at FBP Works


Much of the inspiration for our work comes from engaging with both the ethereal and timeless elements in our mountains, deserts, and oceans. Their influence translates significantly into the textures, colors and forms explored in our studio.


Process & Materials


Variation/Consistency    Empiric/Instinctive    Exploration/Application

A rich love of process and material knowledge drives much of the design and development in the FBP Works studio. There's never a shortage of ideas to explore only the finite constraint of time in which to apply them.  While many of the works available are limited productions or entirely unique pieces we thrive on a collaborative spirit and are always aiming to build community. So if you are inspired by an item you see that's no longer available - drop us a line. You never know what might be in the works.